What is Bioenergy?

Bioenergy is the life force that governs and sustains all things in the universe. It is infinite
in its capacity to create. It is a modern term for what is traditionally referred to in the East as qi, which is pronounced “chee” just like in the word cheese. Blood is considered
to be the transporter of qi indicating that qi must flow in order for life to occur.
The intention behind the practice of acupuncture is to move qi throughout
the body to stimulate overall wellness.

In the Hindu tradition bioenergy is known as prana, the life breath. In a system of yoga it is also referred to as kundalini, represented as a serpent coiled up at the base of the spine. This serpent lies dormant until it is aroused through kriya yoga. This is a set of various exercises and breathing techniques intended to clear the subtle energy channels,
enabling prana to flow properly.

English: Caduceus symbol. Français : Une des r...

Ida is the left channel. It is negative in polarity and represents yin or feminine energy. It runs from the base of the spine to the left nostril. Pingala is the right channel. It is positive in polarity and represents yang or masculine energy. It runs from the base of the spine to the right nostril. Sushumna is the central canal and is associated with the spine. Both ida
and pingala remain subordinate to the sushumna where they crossover in polarity
at the chakra points.

The chakras (see fig.2) are seven focal points where subtle energy communicates with the body. Its true definition means “wheel”, an aim to describe the way the energy moves in and out of them like a whirling vortex. Each chakra represents a step down in energy.
The crown being the most subtle and the root representing dense matter. The colors radiating from the chakras form the aura or Biofield. The Biofield is an electromagnetic field of subtle energy that surrounds the human body.

Cymraeg: Mae'r llun hwn yn darlunio'r saith pr...

The dynamic function of this biofield is based on a self-sustaining model known as a torus (see fig.3). Bioenergy begins as an initial pulsation from the center of the torus, slowing its oscillation to the point of surface tension where it forms the edge of the torus. This protective mechanism prevents the exhaustion of bioenergy which must always return to its point of origin before it can repeat the cycle.

This perpetual movement, from expansion to contraction, is an aesthetic to nature.
Our lungs expand as we take in oxygen and collapse as we exhale. The tides of the sea rise then recede. A seedling springs forth as a flower, only to return to the soil from which
it came. As humans, our life cycle follows a similar pattern.

The center of the torus represents the unlimited potential that is present all the time.
Our allowance increases awareness of this stillness within. This is our purest state of being. The edge of the torus represents the crystalization of our desires through course of action. Here in lies the final expression of our intent.

The physio-emotional response to creation is a reaction of the biofield as it communicates with the environment. This information is relayed to the central nervous system which processes data received as sensory input. The senses define our feelings which determine our actions. Our behaviour as a collective society establishes consensual reality and our judgment of reality defines its aesthetic.

Allowing ourselves to feel sensations that arise without judgement is the process of healing. Acceptance of this process requires us to be present with the passing of time just as things are, fully and completely. In this space we begin to realize our timeless nature, a movement of infinite change. Allowance brings contentment which is felt as peace and expressed as joy, an emotional reverence for the return to stillness – the point of origin.

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  1. What an informative interesting and well illustrated article Joey. Thank you, If it is OK, I will copy it and distribute at our clinic. Tom

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