Nature is Art for Art’s Sake

Nature is a perpetual work in progress – a process of infinite change. The rate at which change precipitates is beyond our brain’s capacity to calculate.

Art is an appreciation for this process. The aesthetic of any art form is defined through
the artist’s attempt to re-create the moment which is continually fleeting. Life is composed of a series of events that arise only to collapse. This mysterious, intangible aspect provokes expansion and the desire to create as we align with our willingness to learn.

Every human being is both an artist and an art form. As artists, we develop the reality
we wish to experience through the forms we create. This inspires us to connect with
our feelings. Feelings of joy and peace indicate that we are on the right-minded path towards self-realization. These are also the traits of unconditional love.

Fear indicates a resistance to change, bringing us out of harmony with Source potential. Our attempts to remain fixed creates suffering. On the contrary, this state of being also provides an artist with inspiration, a necessary component to the process
of attaining wholeness.

Peace is achieved when we let the events of our lives unfold like a flower. This requires allowance – self-implosion into the heart. This is the space we so readily defend through our projections. Unconsciously, we may attempt to fix others instead of assessing our own problems. This is how we mask our own discontent for the way we feel inside due to fear of exposure. But when we let ourselves go, we realize that life occurs naturally
without our intervention.

Meditation increases our state of allowance, encouraging us to develop an understanding of Source consciousness and our relationship to it. The stillness we experience in our meditations is the foundation from which all creation springs forth as an expression
of infinite potential. In our practice we intend to increase our presence of what is, regardless of our judgements and perceptions of what we believe should be.

In this space we encounter aspects of ourselves that are scary. Yet instead of running away we remain still. We attempt to approach these concepts with a gentle heart as our acknowledgment of the now moment increases through self-actualization. This reinforces the intention behind our purpose which is to know peace. With a deeper respect for ourselves we willfully extend this sensibility to others through compassionate service.

The gist…

  • Nature is a reflection of process.
  • This process is infinite. Therefore, change is infinite.
  • Art is an appreciation of this process.
  • You are both an artist and an art form.
  • Form encourages feelings to arise.
  • As a co-creator, your feelings determine the quality of consensus reality.
  • The emotion of fear is resistance to change.
  • The emotion of love is felt as peace.
  • Peace is contentment with change. This is your true purpose.
  • Allowance provides space for change to flow.
  • Meditation is a practice that increases your ability to allow.
  • When we attain more space we increase our capacity to serve others!

What are your thoughts?

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