The Bridge

Life is like crossing a bridge. We put our faith in the support it provides to get us to the other side even though we cannot see the structure that is holding us up.
What we do see are those taking the same journey as us.

Sometimes the strength of the bridge is compromised and the bridge collapses.
This reminds us all of the support we receive in our journey that is
hidden from view but is always there.

The current social, economic, political, educational, industrial and religious models
that are collapsing all around us at this time are pointing to a new awareness
that is attempting to break through.

These destructive events will continue to unfold as we are encouraged to assess
the collective needs of every human being on this planet. The archetypes we are being presented with resonate with our highest intent to manifest a new reality where our behavior is more conducive to the evolution of our species as a whole.

During this disruptive period in our history there is much wisdom to be gained if we perceive the function of collapse from this perspective. The new science states
that the perception of each and every individual is responsible for manifesting
the reality we experience as a collective.

So when moments of collapse and chaos enter into our lives will we face our fears
and allow the grace of the invisible Spirit to guide us through these difficult times?

We all cross the same bridge in our journey through the mind, both as individuals and as a collective society. The quality of our thoughts determines the stability of the cultural structures we build. Within every choice is a new found destiny where our highest potential is awaiting discovery on the other side!