Fear Not the Ego

All aspects of mind should not be rejected whilst referring to the concept of attaining wholeness in life experience. Just as a computer performs functions to assist in the completion of tasks, the brain also performs functions in a similar way. It is a device that assists with learning as sense data coming in from events collapsing in the infinite now are cross-referenced with your experiential Roladex that is stored in the mind.

Reject not the functionality of mind simply because your lack of understanding is at fault. Instead, embrace the complexities of your mind with a gentle heart bringing the two hemispheres of being together as one.

Just as you learn about your state of being through your body and its myriad of emotions, so too can you enable yourself to reach higher levels of awareness by embracing the nature of polarity consciousness that resides in the mind, both on the micro and macro levels of existence. The Ego is only feared in so much as you fail to understand the power you have to utilize it to this end.


What are your thoughts?

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