Video – Introducing: The Bioenergist

Introducing: The Bioenergist – Youtube

I am the Bioenergist – a Certified Massage Therapist and Bioenergy Consultant.

This video is a brief overview of who I am and what kinda of information I will be presenting. I provide insight into my background, healing practice and theosophy.
I encourage you to have an open mind and ask me any questions you may have!

You too can discover your true nature through healing just as I do!

– The Bioenergist


Translucent Being

As society releases itself from the limited confines of consensus reality we will become lighter as human beings. To increase translucency we must expose our deepest fears
to one another. In the process we will strengthen our bond as equals.
We will begin to realize that we all share the same fears that hold
us back from manifesting the world we would like to live in.

As an archetype of the collective need for connection, the internet is solidifying this intent through the propagation of the social network. No longer do we harbor unresolved resentments with ourselves or others in our sphere of influence. Within the “network”, every day more and more people are revealing a deeper, more personal side
to themselves for the rest to witness.

In the process we are learning to release any charges that we hold against one another more readily. These judgements represent our own inner fear and resentment for what
we have created. By Shedding these un-conscious, illusory belief patterns
we can begin to feel more worthy of the divine.

We always have the opportunity every moment to change our perception of what we are capable of creating as a species. Let us re-design the consensus on spiritual development and increase our rate of evolution by becoming more aware of our responsibility
to the whole of creation!

The most effective way to free ourselves as co-creators is through service to others.
When someone who is suffering is acknowledged by another human being,
that suffering is transmuted into another state of being – that of unity.
This is the point of origin.
This is your purpose!

– The Bioenergist

Video: Swedish / Deep Tissue Back Massage

Swedish / Deep Tissue Back Massage – YouTube
In this video, I demonstrate some deep tissue massage techniques.
I also provide instruction on the proper use of body mechanics.
This is the key to achieving a more stable contact with the tissues.
The result is a massage where your confidence is felt by the client.

This is the kind of massage you can have if you book
a bodywork session with The Bioenergist!

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“Discover your true nature through healing!”

Are you an Alien?

That all depends on what you consider to be different from you. Do you see yourself
as being separate from the cosmos? If so, consider that you are made up of “space-stuff”. In fact, there really is no space. The universe is filled with radiation which is the “honey” that binds all matter. Matter is really temporarily frozen wave packets of information or more commonly known as light.

The mechanics of the universe is also inherent in your biology. “As above, so below” is an ancient Chinese saying from the Tao Te Ching. What it means is, the same processes that exist at the macro level of existence also exist in the micro. The stars in the sky are like the electrical bursts in the brain. The orbits of planets in the solar system are like the orbits of electrons circumscribing the nucleus of a cell.

When you ponder these concepts you begin to realize there is nothing alien about you at all! The universe and all it’s information are contained within your being for you are a holographic representation of the universe!

– The Bioenergist

Life is Movement!

Life is a movement of energy – a Polarity Process of opposites seeking to attain unity
with source. This movement must be present in order for there to be health.
Nature supports this movement by generating self-sustaining patterns that propagate through toroidal dynamics, as well as other factors which are both known and unknown
to us. This dynamic model of energy is the underlying current to all of nature.

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