Energetic Coherency

Firstly we must understand that all life is energy – a movement from subtle to gross. Spiritual energy, or pure light, emanates from Source and slows its vibration (pulsation) to the point where it reaches a maximum or terminal velocity. Also known as surface tension, it is at this point where the density of physical matter crystallizes, forming the expression of your physical presence.

Your physical expression also defines the boundary between you and the environment. What’s inside your skin belongs to you, what is outside does not belong to you. At least this is how we have defined ourselves in our current state of conscious evolution – we believe that we are separate from the environment.

But most spiritual teachings attempt to show us us that everything and everyone is connected to the same source energy – our purpose is to acclimate with the environment and become one with all there is. We do this by identifying with our feelings and making choices based on those feelings. This is where the function of the Chakras comes into play.

The Chakras aren’t a real, physical thing. They are a symbolical representation of the endocrine glands. These glands are responsible for secreting the hormones that send messages out to other cells with instructions on how to perform. They create certain bodily sensations as a reaction to stimuli received from the environment. Your reaction to those sensations is what defines your behaviour.

Each Chakra represents a point where subtle energy shifts to a denser state as it moves from the top down. The lower Chakras represent a slower wavelength in the spectrum of light that we can see compared to the higher Chakras. The Crown Chakra, located above the head, represents unity with God or cosmic awareness. This is pure white light and sometimes represented as ultraviolet. This is the fastest pulsation – the speed of light! The Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, is the slowest vibration and the color is red . Within the electromagnetic spectrum red has a slower wavelength then pure white or ultraviolet light.

Your Aura, or Biofield, is the total make up of your expression which is a spectrum of radiating light from the Chakras! The totality of your physical experience and the quality of your expression in the infinite now moment is defined by how you relate to the cessation of sensation as dictated by the Chakras, or more appropriately, the endocrine glands.

I should note that when pure, coherent white light is fragmented through a prism we can see the colors of a rainbow. Now think of your body as the prism. It is not so important to see the colors that are radiating in your Aura. The purpose of this understanding is to enable you to navigate through the environment more effectively and with more peace by bringing awareness to your feelings.

A blocked Chakra indicates resistance to what is whereas an open Chakra is in full acceptance. So, if all Chakras were open and fully acclimated to what is then there is coherency. Theoretically, if we were one with the environment and we were fully at peace with everything in the totality of our existence, we would all be beings of pure, coherent white light!

– The Bioenergist


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