Guns for Christmas

This country will always be in a state of fear as long as we continue to appoint anyone a position of power deemed higher than the rest of the populace. When we vote for a system such as this, we are claiming that we have no control over our own lives. We also agree to all of the terms. The constitution outlines those terms.

Any human being who does not feel in control of their own lives will feel fear but herein lies a paradox. When one realizes that all is provided for at all times, the need to control anything becomes null and void.

Control is static whereas life is movement. Fear of change and difference is a holding pattern that prevents the movement of life which is self-sustaining. Even war is self-sustaining as long as we continue to resonate our minds to the idea that such a thing is necessary. What we believe we deserve, we get.

The realization of this power can be cultivated through conscious awareness of what is. If we do not like what we have made as a universal community of human beings co-creating this reality together, then we can choose to create something different. This must be a conscious choice and appointing a ruler eliminates our right to choose in some ways.

We go to war out of fear that there is a lack of abundance and therefore we aim to control resources in order to meet that illusory need. When we allow a government to provide those illusory needs, instead of empowering ourselves through conscious awareness of our ability to create differently, we receive the effects of tyranny from such government for this government represents the tyranny in our own consensual mind.

Let me repeat that…
The tyranny we aim to fight against with weapons resides in our own mind!

We created it all.

Ask yourself right now,
“How do I feel knowing that I am responsible for every shooting, every military action and every form of suffering?”

Your level of commitment to acknowledging the feeling offered to you at that moment of self-inquisition determines your personal value system and affects your judgement, eventually affecting your actions and the whole of humanity.

Will you still continue to defend this habitual pattern of defense against the fear of knowing what you are responsible for? Alternatively, you may choose to acknowledge what is and allow yourself to be with it, take responsibility for it, forgive yourself and release what doesn’t serve. The latter is the only true way to finding your inner peace.

We must get to the root of our suffering by becoming self-empowered through community and connection. We are always making progress. Even what we deem to be negative is really a positive just about to break through. There is no negativity just as there isn’t cold, only a lack of heat. Fear is lack of love and love is acknowledgement of what is without judgement.

Christ consciousness is acknowledgment of what is. Simply.

Guns are a right as deemed necessary by the constitution. The government we agree on is intended to follow these laws. We agreed to them. Hence, we must follow them. Tyranny is a potential within this structure. It is built in. We are experiencing tyranny from a government we elected because we chose this structure in government. We chose tyranny. Ironically at the height of tyranny we are now being told that guns breed violence by those who we allow to speak for us. Let us speak for ourselves!

In the beginning was the word!

Create your own ripple of change. It’s not about guns. Its about our choice as creators. If there is no tyranny, then there is no need for weapons. Choose another system. We must each crucify ourselves like Christ on the cross for how we have sinned. Judgement is the only sin and in order to resurrect into a new state of peace as a collective, we must first all agree to face what we have made and change the terms we agree on. We must write a new story into the script of humanity!

Merry Christmas! May you all be anointed with the spirit of change always and forever

I know you, I love you, and I always will!

– Joey The Bioenergist


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