UFO’s: Archetypes of Change

UFO’s: Archetypes of Change
By: Joey Esposito – The Bioenergist

The key to understanding the presence of the UFO phenomena and the link to possible extra-terrestrial intervention on human history, is to first understand how humans relate to source energy through their consciousness.

Throughout history a divine presence has been revealed through encounters by various deities who have descended from the heavens – the gods or aliens. As archetypes presented through mythological constructs, these interventions encourage the unconscious process that we as humans go through in order to make sense of that which we cannot comprehend in consensual reality.

In today’s modern society, humans are fearful of the unknown. Our suffering is the direct result of our inability to admit this truth. Death represents a passage into the unknown. Our ancestors viewed this passage in a more positive light. They embraced a wider cosmological perspective of their reality. Their mythology bound them to the fertile land which provided all that was needed for the physical body and to the heavens which provided cosmic awareness through divination with the god head – everything that ever is, was or could be. Death was a transition into higher realms – a birthright – the next stage in soul development. From this perspective, ascension into the spiritual plane is considered an “upgrade” whereas today, the average person is continually fighting to hold on to anything that will ground them to what is already familiar in order to feel safe – to feel abundance through the physical manifestation of dense forms.

These various forms crystalize through intent at the perimeter of creation within an energetic system based on torsion field dynamics. This intent is un-conditional love of pure being – a vibration ultimately seeking a place of stillness in a polarity process involving the laws of physics. Science has taken us this far. But just as we adopt the use of archetypes to relate to the unknown in mythology or entertainment, science has also adopted a new platform to study out of the vacuum of traditional means. This is quantum mechanics.

In quantum theory, unlimited source potential is conceived as vertical, standing columnar waves in the vacuum lattice structure of Einstein’s Ether. These waves of potential exist before particles of experience collapse to form matter once an event has been perceived by our higher awareness in the quantum scale. These waves enter the horizontal, linear timebase we physically reside in – a dimension forming the holographic matrix of reality we experience moment by moment.

Time and space travel happen in the mind. The body is a portal composed mostly of water – a fluid, crystalline structure that is constantly in a state of flux via electro-chemical reactions are received as potentials in the Bioenergy field before they solidify into matter. Your physical presence is but a fragment of the totality of the human experience on a cosmic scale. In the moment as it arrives it is gone – quicker then your brain can even process. If energy is everything and everything is energy, the energy that manifests you must return from where it came. Dis-ease in the physical body manifests as a result of trying to hold on to this energy which is always trying to return in order to replenish itself. Acknowledgment of this through increased awareness is the true meaning of healing. Allowance is the love we give back to God so God can grow.

We all co-create this reality into being every waking moment of our lives. Each individual is a participant. Once we accept this responsibility and adopt the law of unity consciousness in consensual reality we will realize that we can be anywhere at anytime because the energy that manifests us is everywhere hence, we are everywhere. There is no need for a rocket, which uses combustible fuels, or even a flying saucer operating on anti-gravitic technology. The answer is within you!

In order to move forward we need to be challenged with things that cannot be explained through traditional means that are agreed upon by the masses. The UFO phenomena, as an archetype of the collective unconscious, is currently manifesting in waves or “flaps” in the physical realm at this time as a means to provide that challenge especially at a time when the energy crisis has hit its peak. The technology represented by UFO’s offers a solution.

Most individuals living in the world today are hesitant to rise against the challenge posed by the governments of the world through fear of exposure. Again, this fear resides in our nature to remain the same because we fear change. The alien, as an archetype representative of the being-ness behind our unconscious beliefs, will continue to appear in entertainment as an existential means to communicate to ourselves in-directly – softening the blow of our responsibility here in consensual reality. The disclosure movement will continue to build through these means as we come into being with it. This will not be an event in the future to experience for the future is now. You are in it – we are them – manifesting destiny at the edge of a sphere between the cosmic copulation of father consciousness and the loving embrace of mother Gaia. She is speaking to us through her own dis-ease at the perimeter of her creation where we reside as potentials of her creation. The question is are we listening?

Healing can only take place through increased awareness of the self and its relationship to the wholeness of all life. It has been a common occurrence in most ET abduction cases to hear abductees report that these aliens are warning human kind of its demise at the hand of mother Gaia if we do not change our course of energy consumption. Consider that it is not the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence that is most important here. It is whether or not we consider the information we are receiving and apply it to our lives.

We are communicating back to ourselves through a mythology where the vehicle is entertainment. Unlike our ancestors who embraced their true destiny, we try to convince ourselves that it isn’t true – an artifact of our being-ness which is as a response to the fear of knowing that we created it all.


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