The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas = en masse with Christ. Christ = a state where one is anointed with The Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit = Chi = Prana = Energy = Movement. Life is movement. There must be movement in order for there to be health.

This movement is a pulsation, like your heartbeat. Pulse = Wave = Circuit = Electricity. Electricity is a charge carried around an arc. Just as Electrons navigate around the nucleus of an atom, humans navigate around the circumference of a sphere.

As Above, So Below.

The Holy Spirit originates in The House of the Lord (firing of neurons) and propagates it’s signal through The Pathway To The House (Central Nervous System – the physical manifestation of the subtle energy lines known as Meridians or Nadis).

When “The Way Is Straight”, by aligning the spine in meditation, we may “Sit at the right side of the Father” (right thalamus gland, as part of the Diencephalon). This gland communicates with the Pineal gland or 3rd Eye Chakra and is partly responsible for how you interpret and react to sense data coming in from the environment.

The firing of neurons, like big-bangs in your brain, is The Arc(ing) of the Covenant or Noah’s (sp)Ark. The Hebrew word for the Ark is Teba = salvation from waters. Water represents the cyclic nature of life – change.

Change is unknown. When we face our fear of the unknown (crucifixion) and allow ourselves to change (atonement), we self-realize our infinite nature (resurrection). Then we can be like Christ.

Christ is a disposition towards the movement of sensation within us. If we are devoid of interpretation (judgement) against it (sin), the sensation will pass (let go, let God – This Too Shall Pass). Yet we are bound by our interpretation of the reality through our senses. This is our “Suffering”.

Suffering recedes when we allow The Holy Spirit to move through us. We do not have to act to every feeling. A sensation exists regardless of your interpretation of it. It is a part of your natural state of being. To deny it’s natural state is to deny who you truly are in the moment.

Know Thyself this Christmas and be en masse with Christ!

– The Bioenergist


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