Mckinney Cop Is Just The Icing

trauma is why humans react to these situations. there’s a difference between reactivity and action through conscious awareness. humans develop this “learning” through environmental conditioning and compacted, unresolved trauma.

the officers reactivity lacked conscious awareness. under the circumstances, that girl shouldn’t be acting against an officer’s warnings. given the situation, just as i wouldn’t go for the robbers gun who came in to hold up the bank. but the stress of these incidents frequently happening unnecessarily, is what forms the trauma that causes the reactivity. it is a vicious cycle of suffering for humanity that we all feed into.

the officer’s nervous system, based on testimony he was having a “bad day” – receiving several suicide attempt calls, was already “charged”. in addition, the police dept, just like the military, promotes this overzealous, super-war-hero with access to big toys image. this IS part of the overall conditioning. and access is power,

there are no resources for these officers to discharge congested stress that results in the inefficient reactivity they display in events like this. with rising racial tensions always looming in the background and all the risks they already take everyday, this breeds fertile ground for compulsory action. but then again they signed up for the job right? and there are policies.

one fuels the other and this is the human trauma drama. there is a root cause and there is no one essentially “wrong”. its the environment we create that conditions our bodies to react to it, which in turn, results in behaviour on all levels, interpersonal and consensual standards.

apparently, the party was a twerk fest with under-agers. this is a legitimate concern as they neither had permits. heightened intensity from our current state of rising racial tensions formed the ground-floor for the officer to over-react, actin’ all rambo when nothing was going down but a party that got too big. reportedly, the neighbors felt there were “too many black people there”.

there’s a moral, civil rights issue at stake here, but we don’t need cops wielding weapons and using force. it’s also a human rights issue. it’s like saying a father has the right to man-handle his daughter that way just because he doesn’t like the bikini she’s wearing. best believe the officer subconsciously wanted to put his hands on that girl. i don’t think that’s a stretch either.

it’s saturated in our culture. like an infestation. there are many layers we need to examine and up-root. you can say your not racist, but you are still afforded privilege even though you didn’t ask for it. you didn’t even have a choice if you’re white. this is your plight. we all have to make a choice to change our minds.

power is in access to resources and if you are in an environment where you aren’t provided for, you’re forming is in opposition to those who do. this division creates a dissonance within what could be community. we established this reality through the construct of poor ideas. we must construct new ones.

the officers are outfitted with wayy too much resources. then they are conditioned to entertain themselves with this macho, movie-star image, as the patterning is imprinted into their bodies through training. through conditioning of the tissues, creating cell memory by repetitive action, one becomes quite familiar with the object of interest he or she is focused on constantly. this breeds compulsion to act on this new learning.

if you learned to be racist, you will feel a compulsion to yell a slur.

if you were conditioned to believe you’re not racist, you will be compelled to prove that you’re not and seek approval.

“but i have black / gay friends!”

or, you can see that ALL humans are suffering from trauma.
we all bare the same burden.
drop the story and follow the feeling.


What are your thoughts?

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