The Nature of Being

The Bioenergist discusses the true nature of Being and provides models for understanding the purpose of change.


Present Moment Reminder

Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at this moment.

– Eckhart Tolle

The Shutdown

How are YOU shutdown in your own life? How do you limit your life experience based on the ill fated notion that you cannot be what you are or else you will be judged? How does it FEEL to KNOW only you are your own threat to success? Sit with that for the day and you’ll find more clarity than trying to wrap your head around jargon that gets tossed around in popular media regarding things that are only the cumulative result of ALL of our actions. That means, you are a part of the problem. But it isn’t a problem, only an attunement (atonement) that must be made in your consciousness. Get right with you and face your primordial fear. Use your intuitive alchemy to strengthen your Christ Consciousness (anointed with the ability to express yourself with out fear of judgement for thine own self be true.) Drop the story and follow the feeling! Withstand the notion that you have to adhere to anything or anyone else’s opinion of you or the choices you make.


VIDEO: The Nature of Silicon

The Bioenergist releases a stream of consciousness related to the merging of silicon and carbon based life at this time in our evolution and the aesthetics of this relatonship.


VIDEO: The Bioenergist LIVE

Impromptu randomness on shadow stories, energy and spiritual purpose


VIDEO: Adaptability Vs. Non-Conformity

Joey talks about the importance of learning how to adapt to failed consensual constructs by releasing fear and negative judgements in the mind.


Half-Assin’ It & The End of Jobs

If you really open up your eyes you can see how things are getting done in a half-assed manner in every aspect of our world. We currently lack integrity. This is why there is soo much exposure, revealing the treacherous fawkery that is afoot.

You cheat yourself too and you know it. Sometimes you don’t out of your own ignorance, laziness or lack of education. We all do. Cutting corners. In the end, the life support systems are collapsing due to this fact. We’d rather not take the time to fully digest, dissect and learn how to facilitate change. Instead, we reach for the comfort of what is known out of fear.

But a great uprooting is happening revealing our laziness that we are all responsible for.

We’re swimming in our own dirty water just like those people on that cruise liner. Literally. We have yachts with swimming pools that accommodate thousands. Think of the excessive self indulgence this represents… to float something in the middle of the ocean and put your own body of water on it. Those people deserve to swim in their own shit. A reality check. They’re lucky they even got those cucumber sandwiches too while others dig from dumpsters. They even got free alcohol I heard. How lovely… thousands of fat, over-endulged white people now drunk, floating around the ocean in their own feces along with the trash they created that is piling up in the pacific.

This is the best we can do apparently.

Children are starving and yet our focus is on the sexual preferences of others and whether or not we can use guns to apparently defend ourselves from the government.

How can you tell someone who they can love?
How can you throw someone in jail for a substance that affects their own body?
How can you censor any form of media?

Change the fawkin station if you don’t like it… you have that freedom, the lil freedom left that you allow yourself to receive from the government you self appointed.

Control your emotions! Be comfortable and sit with the feelings presented to you before you generate a story based on consensual pretenses and assumptions. You don’t have to react to everything. You are only responsible for yourself and you will never know anyone else’s story so focus on you!

The large part of my frustration lies in the ignorance of the majority, dictating how we should tell our story. An environment that is non-conducive to change makes it very hard for me to navigate when my intention is to make progress by presenting new systems, new ways of being.

I don’t need your way of government. I never identified with it. Politics can Teabag my Left-Wing nutsack! I believe in the free will of all sentient beings. Simple.

Go outside. Start changing your mind and stop working all the time. Create a new system, a template for new understanding, a plan that serves you so you can take care of your own health before you start poppin’ out units every 9 months only so tax payers can foot the bill cuz your kid ate only Hot Cheetos every day for 13 years!

These horrible truths indicate failed constructs that have many civil and social implications as well. We are marginalizing our unique divinity for some old farts who wanna kill people overseas who you never met… and you pay for it! It’s all ritual. Sending our children off to die as a sacrifice and I’m expected to support that too? Fawk your colored ribbon!

The death of the ole’ is the birth of anew! And so it is! A way of being is arising that needs room to propagate. So I say, let it crash! Let all this shit¬† burn down. I want it all to crumble for the sake of making space!

Although I generally keeps things positive, I am also human and have difficulty. Remember, none of us were born here with instructions so be gentle to yourself and others! But a lot of this blissed-out “new-age” energy jargon solicited as “healing” for the advancement of our consciousness may also be a form of constriction. As long as we are healing, we are keeping ourselves from doing our work. One doesn’t have to be concerned with decalcifying their pineal gland or tuning their Chakras in order to elevate their consciousness through meditation. Just sit and wait! It also helps to eat healthy and exercise:) Most importantly, one must move from healing into creativity so stop telling others to “wake up” and get to work!

True healing is increased awareness of what is. Owning up to what you created. All of it! In order to attain a clear perspective, you have to see your own failures and redeem yourself by correcting your behavior and becoming right-minded.

Human beings have a tendency to over-complicate things in order to validate their process so they can feel better about themselves. The shadow self is saying “I want to be accepted by the whole”. Deep down inside though, most people don’t trust themselves and so, they hesitate and do a shitty job.

Everyone feels, at some point in their life…
“How would I be judged if they knew what I truly believe?”
“What if I acted upon it?”

Well that is all coming out now. This is the function of the current global exposure through social media engagement. We are developing a universal state a trust – the pre-requisite to a resource economy.

The end of “Jobs”.

What would you do if you didn’t have to work for money?
How would you use your time?
Do your answers determine your value (worth) or morals?

What is the difference between value and morality I ask you?
I say value represents itself as a sustainable concept or structure that yields positive, tangible and/or measurable results whereas morality is based on a consensus agreement and if you don’t fit the models adopted by the majority, you’re fawked.

When you ask yourself, “How would I live in a world without money?” Does the interpretation of your answer originate through your own perception or is it highly influenced by your self-appointed superiors and the media corporatocracy?

Does your religion or the traditions you maintain hinder your ability to grow and expand your awareness of the bounty that is available to you simply because this is what you’ve always known through conditioning?

How grounded are you to the reality of the present moment?
How do you feel about what you’ve created versus what “The Other” thinks of it?

Money is old paradigm. Prove your worth with your actions.
Believe in what you stand for and fawkin do it.
Fighting for permission for anything is old paradigm.
Apologizing is old paradigm.
Suggestions given and accusations of you is just data and requires no action.
Know yourself, take responsibility for yourself and do better next time.

In the interim, wake up and smell the shit!

Joey Esposito – The Bioenergist

The Decision To Stay

Every moment is a decision being made and infinite moments are perpetually unfolding.

We never own anything in this life. We surely don’t own people. We only share experiences with each other as we choose, if we continue to choose, moment by moment.

I want there to be freedom for you, with or without me in your life. If you like, you may share your time with me for as long as you choose.

Your ability to choose is your freedom and I cannot take that away from you. This is your free will. Your decision to choose is your responsibility and has nothing to do with me.

Relationship is the art of staying. Your partner presents a challenge. Those parts of you that once remained hidden will now be exposed by your partner.

When you agree to stay, you are agreeing to the challenge. Agreeing to stay is how you succeed in the challenge.

The coupling of two souls forms a coherent bond. Through felt communication there can be resonance between two minds.

Fully open in their disposition, two people accepting each other unconditionally is the definition of love.

– Joey The Bioenergist

Truth Resides In The Negative Space

Life is a movement and in order for movement to be possible, there must be something to move relative to i.e. the General Laws of Relativity. This is the polarity process of opposites (+ & -, Yin Yang) that seek to attain unity with Source.

There must be movement in order for there to be health!

The expression of our being is an expansion of positive forces that arise out of the void. When being ceases to be we return back to the void. This retractive, negative pull is evident in the many machinations of the human experience.

“In Tao the only motion is returning;
The only useful quality, weakness.
For though all creatures under heaven are the products of Being,
Being itself is the product of Not-being.”

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

All of the archetypal constructs in the physical reality, referred to as “The Land of 10,000 Things” by Lao Tzu, are bound into existence through consensual mind-energy which is essentially a waveform expression.

A waveform represents both an “On” and “Off” state in each cycle of completion. The initial pulsation emanates from source at a rate of velocity until it reaches terminal velocity. Where the signal rests is the physical manifest. Also referred to as “surface tension”, this represents the boundary of all things.

What’s inside the skin is yours, what’s outside is not.

The positive charge is your intention – a temporal holding pattern that inevitably collapses in on itself and returns to the void. This is the negative or “Off” state that completes the cycle and is necessary for life to continue.

This too shall pass!

The action of return is evident in your own personal reality as relationships come and go as well as jobs, interests, the breath you take and eventually the physical body your Spirit (energy) resides in temporarily.

The masculine (Yang) force goes out and does the work (rectilinear energy) but always returns back to the woman (radial energy) who represents the recessive Yin force.

Learning how to recede from that which does not serve your purpose to maintain your inner peace allows you to move through physio-emotional events more readily instead of getting stuck in judgement.

When we allow ourselves to collapse into the unknown we embrace our fears so in a sense, facing the negative aspects of our life increases awareness of our true nature which is the ability to change!

– The Bioenergist

UFO’s: Archetypes of Change

UFO’s: Archetypes of Change
By: Joey Esposito – The Bioenergist

The key to understanding the presence of the UFO phenomena and the link to possible extra-terrestrial intervention on human history, is to first understand how humans relate to source energy through their consciousness.

Throughout history a divine presence has been revealed through encounters by various deities who have descended from the heavens – the gods or aliens. As archetypes presented through mythological constructs, these interventions encourage the unconscious process that we as humans go through in order to make sense of that which we cannot comprehend in consensual reality.

In today’s modern society, humans are fearful of the unknown. Our suffering is the direct result of our inability to admit this truth. Death represents a passage into the unknown. Our ancestors viewed this passage in a more positive light. They embraced a wider cosmological perspective of their reality. Their mythology bound them to the fertile land which provided all that was needed for the physical body and to the heavens which provided cosmic awareness through divination with the god head – everything that ever is, was or could be. Death was a transition into higher realms – a birthright – the next stage in soul development. From this perspective, ascension into the spiritual plane is considered an “upgrade” whereas today, the average person is continually fighting to hold on to anything that will ground them to what is already familiar in order to feel safe – to feel abundance through the physical manifestation of dense forms.

These various forms crystalize through intent at the perimeter of creation within an energetic system based on torsion field dynamics. This intent is un-conditional love of pure being – a vibration ultimately seeking a place of stillness in a polarity process involving the laws of physics. Science has taken us this far. But just as we adopt the use of archetypes to relate to the unknown in mythology or entertainment, science has also adopted a new platform to study out of the vacuum of traditional means. This is quantum mechanics.

In quantum theory, unlimited source potential is conceived as vertical, standing columnar waves in the vacuum lattice structure of Einstein’s Ether. These waves of potential exist before particles of experience collapse to form matter once an event has been perceived by our higher awareness in the quantum scale. These waves enter the horizontal, linear timebase we physically reside in – a dimension forming the holographic matrix of reality we experience moment by moment.

Time and space travel happen in the mind. The body is a portal composed mostly of water – a fluid, crystalline structure that is constantly in a state of flux via electro-chemical reactions are received as potentials in the Bioenergy field before they solidify into matter. Your physical presence is but a fragment of the totality of the human experience on a cosmic scale. In the moment as it arrives it is gone – quicker then your brain can even process. If energy is everything and everything is energy, the energy that manifests you must return from where it came. Dis-ease in the physical body manifests as a result of trying to hold on to this energy which is always trying to return in order to replenish itself. Acknowledgment of this through increased awareness is the true meaning of healing. Allowance is the love we give back to God so God can grow.

We all co-create this reality into being every waking moment of our lives. Each individual is a participant. Once we accept this responsibility and adopt the law of unity consciousness in consensual reality we will realize that we can be anywhere at anytime because the energy that manifests us is everywhere hence, we are everywhere. There is no need for a rocket, which uses combustible fuels, or even a flying saucer operating on anti-gravitic technology. The answer is within you!

In order to move forward we need to be challenged with things that cannot be explained through traditional means that are agreed upon by the masses. The UFO phenomena, as an archetype of the collective unconscious, is currently manifesting in waves or “flaps” in the physical realm at this time as a means to provide that challenge especially at a time when the energy crisis has hit its peak. The technology represented by UFO’s offers a solution.

Most individuals living in the world today are hesitant to rise against the challenge posed by the governments of the world through fear of exposure. Again, this fear resides in our nature to remain the same because we fear change. The alien, as an archetype representative of the being-ness behind our unconscious beliefs, will continue to appear in entertainment as an existential means to communicate to ourselves in-directly – softening the blow of our responsibility here in consensual reality. The disclosure movement will continue to build through these means as we come into being with it. This will not be an event in the future to experience for the future is now. You are in it – we are them – manifesting destiny at the edge of a sphere between the cosmic copulation of father consciousness and the loving embrace of mother Gaia. She is speaking to us through her own dis-ease at the perimeter of her creation where we reside as potentials of her creation. The question is are we listening?

Healing can only take place through increased awareness of the self and its relationship to the wholeness of all life. It has been a common occurrence in most ET abduction cases to hear abductees report that these aliens are warning human kind of its demise at the hand of mother Gaia if we do not change our course of energy consumption. Consider that it is not the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence that is most important here. It is whether or not we consider the information we are receiving and apply it to our lives.

We are communicating back to ourselves through a mythology where the vehicle is entertainment. Unlike our ancestors who embraced their true destiny, we try to convince ourselves that it isn’t true – an artifact of our being-ness which is as a response to the fear of knowing that we created it all.